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From our founder

2020 is a moment worth celebrating for Kao Lu Enterprise Co., Ltd. because it is 40 years old! Kao Lu's slogan clearly emphasizes the spirit of being forward looking and well-rounded.

The logo of Kao Lu resembles a leaping deer carrying a globe. The high and low, griefs and joys that we went through have all become good memories of Kao Lu people and helped lay a good foundation for the next move under the management of Kao Lu’s second-generation. They also help Kao Lu employees to find opportunities for pursuing new dreams and possibilities in new professional areas.
More haste, less speed. Therefore, staying on the right track is important. Mr. Chia-Mou Wu, the founder of Kao Lu, has a professional background in machinery and started the business with industrial automation in mind. After 40 years of efforts, Mr. Wu established a corporate culture of integrity, responsibility, and aspiration for Kao Lu.
Mr. Jerry Wu, the second generation of Kao Lu, received his degree in Biotechnology from The University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. He has taken the lead for Kao Lu’s next stage of development and created a new line of product offerings and services in medical equipment. We are proud to introduce Kao Lu’s new business unit of electronic control units for medical equipment.
The second generation of Kao Lu has taken up the baton. Under the management of the second generation, Kao Lu will continue to provide products and services with an inspiring vision and strong confidence and march into another brilliant 40 years.

經驗老到的台灣比例閥研發製造商 經驗老到的台灣比例閥研發製造商

Professional I/P, E/P electronic proportional valves manufacturing

An experienced Pneumatic Valve Supplier in Taiwan Kao Lu Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established by Mr. Chia-Mou Wu in 1980.Kao Lu is a forerunner in providing electro-pneumatic valves. We have been dedicated to supplying premium quality pneumatic components such as solenoid valves, cylinders, and ancillary accessories. Kao Lu has devoted time and effort to the Taiwanese market for four decades and currently has an office in Shanghai to provide high-quality in-house products in the Greater China market. Kao Lu continues to innovate and enhance products of flow and pressure control valves and develop modular products convenient for customers to use.
Kao Lu's products are available in the international market. We welcome high-quality and professional local distributors to partner with us to introduce Kao Lu’s high-quality flow and pressure control valves in the international market.

KaoLu's Corporate culture

The logo of Kao Lu resembles a leaping deer carrying a globe. It symbolizes our corporate culture, which encourages the employees to think and act agilely like a deer and to have the world in mind.
Kao Lu cares about product quality and customer services. We strive to be one step ahead of competition in product offerings and keep aware of customer needs.
Therefore, we continue to develop new product offerings, based on the state-of-the-art technology, and monitor our customer satisfaction to maintain the best customer experience and customer relationship.
KaoLu's core competence lies in excellent R&D, premium product quality, and top-notch employees.

KaoLu's CSR

Kao Lu has been learning how to fulfill the responsibility of a member of the global village, while seeking to set foot in the domestic and international market. Therefore, we insist that our products pass the EU safety, health, and environmental protection certification to ensure user safety and environment protection.
In terms of community services, we have strengthened community relationships through collaboration with the local police force. We hope to build a safe and harmonious community for Kao Lu employees and the residents in the community.

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KaoLu's High Quality

Kao Lu pays attention to product quality and accuracy. To ensure the product reliability, our testing equipment goes through the third-party examination every year, and our manufacturing process is certified by ISO 13485 for medical equipment production. Our products are made of parts from internationally renowned suppliers and quality controlled before use.
Kao Lu products carry CE and RoHS certifications and conform to the EU regulations for safety, health, and environmental protection.

KaoLu's innovation

Kao Lu continues to invest in the research and development of new electronic and pneumatic products. We adopt one-stop manufacturing; from developing software, hardware, and firmware to manufacturing and quality controlling, we do all the work in-house. Our electronic proportional pressure regulator and electronic proportional flow control valve have high resolution and can control a wide range of gases and flow rates, up to twice the range of other products on the market. Kao Lu also provides customization service. If customer requires tailor-made products, program adjustments, and product mechanical changes, Kao Lu can provide customer the best technical and manufacturing support.

Kao Lu's Diversity

Kao Lu focuses on pressure and flow control products. We develop and manufacture high-precision electronic proportional pressure regulator, electronic proportional flow control valve, and proportional pinch valve. Our proportional valves series are ideal for medical equipment such as respirators, anesthesia equipment, aerosol delivery devices and production such as pharmaceutical equipment, blow molding machines, laser cutting machines, and spray painting.
To provide all-round product offerings catering to customers' various needs, we also provide high-precision and specialty pressure and flow control products from international renowned brands.
To prepare for the production in the Industry 4.0 era, we are developing smart pneumatic valves for high-precision devices such as solenoid valves, fittings and sensors for medical equipment.
We insist on following the principle of providing excellent products and superb customer services and aim to offer products of premium quality for our customer.

Stable and Premium Quality

Avant-garde Innovation

Unique and Diversified Products


KaoLu develops each product carefully, inspects and maintains quality and safety.

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