Electronic Vacuum Regulator (0~ -101kpa) Electronic Vacuum Regulator (0~ -101kpa)


Electronic Vacuum Regulator (0~ -101kpa)

KaoLu's QKL-B3V electronic vacuum regulator is a type of inline vacuum regulator (Operating schematic diagram below). One port is connected to a vacuum source, and the other port is connected to a chamber. The precision vacuum regulator works electronically to regulate the highest level of uniform vacuum pressure despite various input conditions. The vacuum level is directly linearly proportional to the electronic command signal to the vacuum pressure controller. When 0-10V corresponds to 0 to (–)14 psig, a 5VDc command signal to the digital vacuum regulator will create a (-)7 psig vacuum pressure. The flow rate of QKL-B3V electronic vacuum regulator valve is 600 L/min. Should a higher flow rate is required, it is possible to couple a volume booster to the negative pressure regulator. QKL-B3V digital vacuum regulator allows user to regulate vacuum level via analog or digital control signal. The regulator is not self-relief, meaning that it does not exhaust excess air to reach target vacuum level. The monitor output is available either as analog output or switch output.

QKL-B3V operates in dual solenoid valve principle with a closed loop electronic control. The internal negative pressure transducer monitors the vacuum level and controls the operation of the inlet and the outlet solenoid valve of the vacuum pressure regulator valve. With this special design, QKL-B3V electronic vacuum control regulator can be installed inline in any orientation, offering high flow rate, high accuracy, and high repeatability. Our vacuum pressure controller has the advantage of digital communication, which allows users to calibrate and monitor regulator status remotely. As for ingress protection, QKL-B3V digital vacuum regulator is compliant to IP65, and the M12 cable connection allows user to easily install and dismount from inline operation.

QKL-B3V electronic vacuum regulator has been used in applications such as thermoforming, leak testing, tube extrusion, and tank blanketing. In order to control the both inlet and outlet pressure that allows massive air pressure into and out of the system, the user can utilize the vacuum flow regulator. Please consult our factory for further information.

KaoLu also offers other types of vacuum regulator to control vacuum level in a chamber. Please refer to our FC series vacuum breaker applications. Proportional Flow Control Valve

Output Range 0~-101 kpa
Input Signal 0-10V/4-20mA 0-10V/4-20mA/RS485 0-10V/4-20mA/RS485
Monitor Output 0-10V/4-20mA 0-10V/4-20mA/RS485 0-10V/4-20mA/RS485
Power Supply DC24V (4W) DC24V (20W) DC24V (20W)
Temp. Range(Operating) 0-70℃ ( 32-158 ⁰F) 0-60℃ ( 32-140 ⁰F) 0-60℃ ( 32-140 ⁰F)
Port Size G1/4" PT1/4" PT1/2"
Repeatability ±0.3% F.S. ±0.1% F.S. ±0.1% F.S.
Hysteresis ±0.25% F.S. ±0.1% F.S. ±0.1% F.S.
Linearity ±0.3% F.S. ±0.1% F.S. ±0.1% F.S.
Accuracy ±0.3% F.S. ±0.1% F.S. ±0.1% F.S.
Medium Vacuum, Air, inert gas
Flow Rate 250~600L/min 500 NI/min @1 bar 900 NI/min @1 bar
Electrical Connection M12 Connector (2m)
Ingress Protection IP65 IP54 IP54
*A positive pressure of at least 0.5 bar must be applied to the P port to achieve 0 Kpa. Without it the operating pressure
range is -26kPa to -101 Kpa.