Proportional Solenoid Valve 0-310L/min


Proportional Solenoid Valve 0-310L/min

KLPV-HP is a high flow compact size proportional valves series. This non-spool design using a moving part to ensures frictionless performance and a lifespan of up to 1 billion cycles. The (proportional valve solenoid) internal components are resistant to high and low temperatures up to -196 Celsius, showing the same performance in different environments, suitable for air, hydrogen, oxygen, or liquid nitrogen.

KLPV-HP proportional solenoid valve is available with inline mounting option. Different orifice size from 0.5mm up to 3.5mm is available with different maximum operating pressure. It also features quick response time, high flow, resistant to low temperature, and flexible mounting.

Working Principle
KLPV-HP proportional solenoid valve (solenoid control valve) is a direct acting proportional valve, where the extent of the internal movement of magnet is proportional to the input electric current. It consumes maximum of 14W; the higher the input electric current, the bigger the internal orifice for flow. The internal part is made of stainless steel 316 and it is also ideal for corrosive fluids.Advantage of proportional control solenoid valveThere are different ways of proportionally controlling fluid flow rate. Using a proportional control solenoid valve, or using a stepper-controlled proportional valve.

Advantage of proportional control solenoid valve
There are different ways of proportionally controlling fluid flow rate. Using a proportional control solenoid valve, or using a stepper-controlled proportional valve. Here is a comparison of using these 2 methods of controlling fluid flow rate:

  Proportional control solenoid valve Stepper-controlled proportional valve
Flow rate Up to 310 L/min Higher flow rate range
Compatible fluid Air, gas Air, water, oil
Operating temperature -196to50∘C 0 to 84∘C
Response time 100 msec Up to 1 sec
Hysteresis 10-15 % F.S. 0.1 % F.S.
Repeatability 1-3 % F.S. 0.1 % F.S.
Life time 1 billions cycles Up to million full open to close
proportional solenoid valve controller PWM or direct current 0-10V, 4-20mA, RS485-Modbus
Moisture susceptible? Yes No

1. What is the recommended filter size for air entering the proportional control solenoid valve?
A. In order to prevent dust particles sticking in the orifice, it is recommend to install at least 50 um of filter before the proportional solenoid valve

2. It is difficult to control the proportional solenoid valve, what is the suggested proportional solenoid valve control (solenoid valve with flow control) circuit?
A. KLPV-HP has a maximum power of 14W and voltage of 24V. It is recommended to use PWM of around 1000 Hz to achieve the best results. In case of any doubt, please contact us for further information

3. Do you offer a proportional solenoid valve controller?
A. At the moment we do not offer a proportional solenoid valve controller(proportional control solenoid valve); however, if you need assistant with controlling the proportional solenoid valve, our team will be able to provide suggested circuit for you.

4. Do you offer customized distribution block and control?
A. We do provide customized service for the distribution block and control manifold for our KLPV-HP manifold.

For furhter application detail of KLPV-HP proportional solenoid valve (flow control solenoid valve), please visit our knowledge base.

Valve Type 2-Way Normally Closed
Electrical Connection Flying Wire Leads
Power Consumption 5 watts or 14 watts (max)
Voltage Range 24 VDC
Working Pressure 0~20 bar
Orifice Size 1, 1.5, 2, 3 and 3.5
Prot Types G1/4"
Seal Material Viton
Wetted Materials Cold rolled stainless steel w/ electroless nickel plating, brass and 304 stainless steel
Temperature Range -320 to 120°F (-196 to 50°C)
Maximum Hysteresis 10-15% of full current (varies with max flow)
Flow 0~300 LPM of Air
Leak Rate Bubble Tight Seal
Weight 300g
Filtration 40 Micron
Series   Type   Port Type   Voltage   Code Orifice Max. Inlet Pressure Max. Flow @3bar
KLPC - HP - P - 24 - 10
        P-Inline   24-DC24   10 1mm 35bar 30L/min
      15 1.5mm 25bar 70L/min
20 2mm 15bar 125L/min
30 3mm 10bar 230L/min
35 3.5mm 8bar 310L/min