Closed-Loop Air Flow Controller

B3AKMF1000 / B3HKMF1000

Closed-Loop Air Flow Controller 1000 sL/min

The B3AKMF1000/B3HKMF1000 series consists of QKL series Proportional Pressure Regulator and KMF1000 gas mass flow meter.This series use a rapid analog PID to regulate the opening of proportional valve in order to change the flow rate. KMF1000 gas mass flow meter rapidly detect the flow rate of gas and electric signal is provided to the CPU to operate PID.

This high speed mass flow controller is a complete combination consisting of a Proportional Pressure Regulator and mass flow meter. It can reach the control of closed loop. All you need to provide is source air pressure, DC24V and an electronic control signal.

All our products have CE, SGS, RoHS certification with ISO13485 quality system.

Type B3AKMF1000 B3HKMF1000
Min/Max Flow Range 28~283 LPM/ 85~850 LPM
Max Inlet Pressure 8bar (116psi) 30bar (0-435psi)
Input Signal 0-10V / 0-5V / 4-20mA / RS485
Monitor Output 1-5V / RS485
Supply Power (VDc) 24 VDc (12W)
Medium Clean compressed air or with 5 μm filter
Accuracy ±1.5% F.S
Repeatability 0.025%
Turn-Down Ratio 100:1
Display SLPM (Instant Flow)/ SL (Accum Flow)
Temp. 10~65℃ (Fluid)
25~85 ℃ (Ambient)
Port G1/4" G3/8 "
Manifold Material Aluminum
Wetted Materials Aluminum, Stainless steel, NBR
Electrical Connection EDZ1550/ 4
Calibration Air, 20℃, 101.325kPa