CPV Cylinder Pinch Valve


CPV Cylinder Pinch Valve

  • Compact design, suitable for different sizes of tubing
  • N.O or N.C selection available
  • Black anodized aluminum
  • 12 months warranty
  • Customised pinch force compatible with different sizes tubings

Cylinder pinch valve are used in biopharmaceutical processing, food and beverage, and industrial applications requiring aseptic process. These compact valves provide reliability and high performance, especially when working with harder or larger outer diameter tubing and require stronger clamping forces.
Designed for disposable tubing, each model includes a convenient installation slot for quick loading and unloading. It can be set to normally open or normally closed with an external solenoid valve

Cylinder pinch valve is also known as pneumatic pinch valve, as it requires external pneumatic supply to support its function. It is commonly used to open or close a fluid path through pinching and squeezing the plastic flexible tube. There is also an option with proportionally controlling the distance in which the tube is squeezed which indirectly controls the flow rate.

The advantage of using a pinch valve is that it has no contact with the fluid, making it an ideal option for biotechnology processing, food industry, dosing system, blood process/analytical, CIP and SIP process, and biopharmaceutical equipment. Pneumatic pinch valve relies on the amount of external pneumatic pressure supplied to pinch the tube, and thus it provides a higher pinch force, making it suitable for tube with larger durometer or large outer diameter.

Model Minimum Thickness (mm) Tubing I.D (mm) Tubing O.D (mm) Material Durometer (Shore A) Maximum Pressure (bar)
CPV-930-64 1.6 3.2 6.4 Pdarma80 80 6
PU 70-80
PVC 60-70
CPV-931-80 1.2 5.6 8 PU 70-80 6
PVC 60-70
CPV-932-95 1.6 6.4 9.5 Pdarma80 80 6
PVC 60-70
CPV-933-12 1.6 9.5 12.7 Pdarma50 50 6
PVC 70-85
CPV-934-15-NC 3.2 9.52 15.87 Silicon, Braid Reinforced 65 6
CPV-934-15-NO 3.2 9.52 15.87 Silicon, Braid Reinforced 65
CPV-934-19 3.2 12.7 19.1 Silicon, Braid Reinforced 65
CPV-934-20 3.8 12.7 20.3 Silicon, Braid Reinforced 65
CPV-935-25 3.2 15.9 25.4 Silicon, Braid Reinforced 60-65 6
CPV-935-28-NC 4.5 19 28 Silicon, Braid Reinforced 60-65
CPV-935-28-NO 4.5 19 28 Silicon, Braid Reinforced 60-65
CPV-936-35 4.8 25.4 35 PVC 60 6