Medical Solenoid Valve

ETV100, ETV200

Solenoid Valve

  • minimal dead space without dirt pockets
  • easily disassembled, e.g. for cleaning
  • insensative to contamination
  • medium is barely heated by the solenoid
  • emergency manual override with
  • position indicator as standard
  • materials and constructional design are
  • particularly suited for food applications

High quality valve series with coaxial flow or 90° flow, in 2/2- and 3/2- way version, especially for use in the food industries and medical technology.

The solenoid operates against spring force a pivot mounted lever to which a membrane is attached. The interior of the valve is spatially and thermally separated from the solenoid system.

A particularly effective ratio of electric power to flow rate and allowable operating pressure is obtained by the optimisation of lever and spring in conjunction with the low friction transmission.