Pressure Sensor

Type IPS

Pressure Sensor

  • minimal dead space
  • temperature-compensated elavation electronics
  • materials and constructional design especially optimised for food applications
  • other tube connections
Constructional design Ceramic pressure measuring cell
Product name Inline pressure sensor
Product type ITS-958P3-...
Nominal diameter DN 2.5 up to DN 6
Connection ELSA plug fittings for pipe/tube OD 4 to OD 8
Ambient temperature 0°C to + 60°C
Medium temperature 0°C to + 140°C
Medium viscosity up to approx. 35 mm²/s
Body material PPSU (KTW- approved, NSF- certified)
Measuring cell material Al₂O₃
O-ring material FKM (FDA-compliant) or EPDM (NSF-, KTW-approved)
Mounting method by spring clip, internal widthØ 18-22 mm (not included in scope of supply)
Mounting position Preferably upright
Approval NSF/ANSI 169

Nominal pressure up to PN 16 in accordance with the specifi cation table
Pressure range 0 bar up to allowable operating pressure OP in accordance with the specifi cation table
Flow rate Kv-value in accordance with the specifi cation table
Medium Gases or liquids which do not corrode the materials specifi ed

Supply voltage 5 VDC
Voltage tolerance ± 10%
Output voltage 0.5-4.5 VDC (ratiometric)
Electrical Connection 0.75 m 3-pole screened cable (LiYCY 3xAWG26), strand ends pre-tinned.
Protection class IP65

Total error ± 1.5 %FS
Temperature error zero point < ± 0.02 % FS/K
Temperature margin of error -0.012 % FS/K
Response time < 2 ms