Pneumatic Solenoid Valves Manufacturer - Kao Lu
Product Description
This valve is used in addition to the medical industry, it is particularly designed for the food industry. Due to the separation diaphragm so uncontrollable interval minimized dead because there is no pollution and the use of FDA-compliant materials, this valve is ideal for hot drinks and coffee machines. In addition to the standard two two and three two design, we produce these valves a variety of changes, such as modular or mixer, different diameters and connections fully meet the requirements.
Product Feature
body material is doped glass fiber PPA, increase the strength of
• FKM or EPDM diaphragm, the FDA approved
quick plug connector can be used in plastic pipe, connected to the tube outer diameter φ4, φ6
Operating pressures up to PN16 (depending on function and DN)
• medium temperature up to 130 ℃
direct control
Full isolated valve
FDA approved
• can be used in hot water
high durability
valve can be used in diverse Pre-set state
• NSF certification