• High Resolution Electronic Pressure Regulator (0.7 mbar)
High Resolution Electronic Pressure Regulator (0.7 mbar)
Product Serial: QKL-B1TR

Electronic pressure regulator is an ideal solution for digitally regulating air pressure in industrial automation and process line. QKL high resolution provides ultra resolution in cases where fine tuning of pressure is required, such as in various semiconductor manufacturing applications.

  1. High resolution up to 0.01 psig ( 69 Pa or 0.0007 bar) control.
  2. High flow 1/4" port
  3. Fast response, 100 msec

What is resolution in an electronic pressure regulator?
Resolution, accuracy, repeatability, linearity are common performance indicators of an electronic air pressure regulator. Resolution is defined as the minimal pressure adjustment capability of an electronic pressure regulator. A regulator of resolution of 1 psig would mean that users can at least adjust + or – 1 psig of pressure change. Therefore, if one wants to regulate from 10 psig to 10.5 psig of air pressure, this regulator would not be able to achieve this; it can only adjust above 1 psig of pressure change (which means >11 psig or < 9 psig.).

What is electronic pressure control?
Pressure control can be achieved by manual or electronic method. With electronic control, it can be divided into analogue control or digital control. With analogue control, the standard is using 0-10VDc or 4-20mA control. The degree of output pressure is linearly proportional to the input signal. For example, with a 0-10 bar electronic pressure regulator that receives 0-10V electronic signal, and input of 2V or 7 V would corresponds to a gas pressure output of 2bar or 7 bar, respectively. Another method of electronic pressure control is using digital signal, such as RS485-modbus or Ethernet. With RS485-modbus control, it is possible to achieve one process line consisting of up to 15 simultaneous electronic pressure control.

How does an electronic pressure regulator work?
The high resolution electronic pressure regulator is a chimera of an electronic pressure regulator and an altered volume booster. The electronic pressure regulator consists of two solenoid valves, one high resolution pressure transducer, and one high performance electronics. One valve allows gas intake and the other valve allows gas exhaust. The outlet air pressure is measured by the internal pressure transducer, which sends an electronic signal to the electronic board. The electronic board then compares the measured outlet pressure with the target pressure, and orchestrates two solenoid valves until the outlet pressure reaches target pressure level.

  1. High precision device testing equipment
  2. Semiconductor manufacturing process
  3. Microfluidics

For further information, please visit: https://www.genndih.com/faq/electronic-proportional-pressure-regulator-applications.htm

Type B1TR
Input Signal 0-10V / 4-20mA / RS485
Output Range 10 bar (0-150 psi)
Supply Pressure Max 11.5 bar (165 psi)
Monitor Output 0-10V / 4-20mA / RS485
Supply DC24V (≦4W)
Response 0.8 S
Medium Clean compressed air or with 5 μm filter
Repeatability ±0.02% F.S.
Resolution(max) ±0.015% F.S.
Accuracy ±0.25% F.S.
Hysteresis ±0.2% F.S.
Flow Rate 16L/min @ 8bar (116psi)
Temp. Range(Operating) 0 ~ 70 ⁰C ( 32 ~ 158 ⁰F)
Port Size 1/8" PT
Manifold Material Aluminum
Wetted Materials Aluminum, Stainless steel, Brass, NBR
Electrical Connection M12 Connector(2m)
Ingress Protection IP 65
Weight 420 g