• Miniature Proportional Valve 0-32L/min
Stepper-Controlled Proportional Valve 0-65L/min
Product Serial: FC-20+PM-20
Proportional Flow Control Valve consists of PM series driver and FC series proportional flow valve. With an input signal either through analogue or digital, the needle inside the proportional valve moves proportionally to the signal. This series is able to control the flow rate of air and liquid with high resolution, high accuracy, and high repeatability. It is developed for industries that require a high degree of adjustment in flow rate.

Series PM driver provides series FC valve with the required power and control signal (step and direction). It controls the step of a bipolar stepper motor with an analogue signal (0-10 VDC/4-20mA/RS485 Modbus).
  • compact
  • low cost
  • High sensitive
  • Analog / Digital signal
  • easy-control
  • Full scale linearity flow rate control

Industrial application
  • Pneumatic Operated Soldering Equipment
  • Gas Mixing
  • Analytical Instrument
  • Semiconductor equipment
  • High Accuracy and High Resolution Flow Control
  • Laser machine


Input signal VDC 0-10V / 4-20mA/RS485
Supply DC24V (≦12W)
Indicator LED Status(* with Encoder function ) on/off (LED on is motor running)
on/off (LED off is motor stopping)
on/off (LED flashing is motor error)
*error/null (LED on is encoder error)
*error/null (LED off is encoder normal)
Encoder Resolution 1.587×10-3 mm
Motor Status output Sink 50mA
Temp. Range(Operating) 0-60℃
Cable Length 1 meter, consult for longer cable


No. Function
1 DC24V +
2 DC24V -
3 Signal +/A、RS485 +
4 Signal -/B、RS458-

Encoder Wiring Description
No. Color Function
4 Yellow B channel
3 Orange +5V DC
2 Blue A channel
1 Brown Ground

Model FC-20
Valve Type 2-Way Proportional Needle valves
Port Size G 1/8”
Medium Compatible gases and liquids
Pressure Range -1~7bar
Flow Range of air 0~65L/[email protected]
Flow Range of water 0~1L/min @6bar
Repeatability ±0.1% F.S.
Flow Resolution 0.1L/[email protected]
Temperature Range 0~84°C
Full Stroke Time 1.5 sec
Body material Aluminum or Stainless steel
Seals Viton or FFKM
Ingress Protection IP52
Series Type     Type   Input Signal
FC 20 + PM 20 - E
  20: 0~65LPM     20: For FC-20   **E: 0-10V
120: 0~230LPM  120: For FC-120 A: 4-20mA
300: 0~400LPM 300: For FC-300 R: RS485 Modbus
1000: 0~1200LPM 1000: For FC-1000  
  1500: For FC-1500  

** For Command Signal type 0-10V, the minimum driving current is 3mA
- The indicated flow rate is air, please consult for liquid flow rate
- Please contact us for customized flow range
★ FC and PM series are calibrated in pair. Before operating, please ensure the serial numbers on FC and PM are in pair in order to prevent potential leakage issue.

Product Precautions
  1. Before piping is connected, it should be thoroughly blown out with air (flushing) or washed to remove chips, cutting oil and other debris from inside the pipe.
  2. When screwing together pipes and fittings, etc., be certain that chips from the pipe threads and sealing material do not get inside the piping. When sealant tape is used, leave 1.5 to 2 thread ridges exposed at the end of the threads.
  3. Do not operate in locations having an atmosphere of corrosive gases, chemicals, sea water, or where there will be contact with the same.
  4. Ensure the fluid passing through the valve does not contain solid particles. Please use a filter before the inlet port.
  5. In locations which receive direct sunlight, provide a protective cover etc.
  6. KaoLu’s product cannot be used as an emergency shutoff. A redundant safety system should be installed in the system to prevent serious injury or loss of life.

KaoLu Ent. Co. Ltd. products are warranted to the original purchaser only against defects in material or workmanship for 6 months from the date of manufacture. The extent of KaoLu’s liability under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the defective unit at KaoLu’s option. KaoLu shall have no liability under this warranty where improper installation or filtration occurred.