• gas mass flow meter
MEMS Gas Mass Flow Meter 0-1000L/min
Product Serial: KMF1000
KMF1000 series digital gas mass flow meter is made of micro- electromechanical system (MEMS) flow sensing chip, suitable for a variety of purposes of clean, relatively dry nature of the small flow gas measurement and process control, unique packaging technology makes the product to meet the different ranges of flow measurement, to ensure high sensitivity, high reliability, high stability and low cost.

It is based on a MEMS flow sensing unit and a high precision digital processing and calibration circuit (MCU). The integrated Δ-Σ A/D converter and the logic circuit with internal calibration function and MCU processor together ensure the real-time effective acquisition of the sensing signal, to obtain the accurate flow signal, and the corresponding compensation algorithm processing in the internal, so there is no need to do any external calibration and compensation to ensure high-precision.
Series 1000
Type KMF1005 KMF1008 KMF1019
DN(mm) 5 8 19
Flow Range(SLPM) 0-50 0-250 0-1000
Supply Power(VDc) 7-24 VDc, 50 mA
Accuracy ±1.5% F.S
Repeatability 0.25%
Turndown Ratio 1:100
Response 67 msec
Max Pressure 0.5 Mpa
Serial Com RS485(modbus)
Output 1-5 VDc
4-20 mA
Display SLPM(Instant Flow) / SL(Accum Flow)
Temp. 10~65°C (Fluid)
-25~85°C (Ambient)
Humidity <100%RH
Weight 0.245kg 0.215kg 0.396kg
Port G3/8"
Calibration Air, 20°C, 101.325kpa