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Product Description

Pressure PV-100 series of miniature electro-pneumatic proportional valve with high-precision ratio adjustment capabilities, fast response, low power consumption. The series of electro-pneumatic proportional valve can be used in various fields of pressure proportional control, through the acceptance of the input signal (control signal), internal control two two two solenoid valves open and close in order to achieve the desired output pressure and the internal pressure settings sensors, closed-loop control.

Product Specification
Input Signal
DC0-10V / 4-20mA / RS485
Output Pressure Output range (psi)
0-50 / 0-100
Enter the maximum pressure Supply pressure max
1.5 times the output voltage
Working Power Supply
DC24V (≦ 4W)
Linear Linearity
± 1% FS
Hysteresis Hysteresis
± 0.5% FS
Repeat accuracy Repeatability
± 0.5% FS
± 0.5% FS
Air consumption Air consumption
6 ~ 25l / min
Temperature Range Temp. Range (Operating)
0-60 ℃
Dental mouth Port size / Electrical connection Electrical connection
G1 / 8 * 6φ / M2 electrical terminal