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Product Description

Industrial high deer made of the best quality Italian distributor of metal joints C.matic the only brand dedicated to the production of metal fittings products, so a wider range of joint applications, items are more complete in 2016. There is also a stainless steel throttle valve, check valve ... etc., welcome to ask!

Product Specification
series characteristic Detailed specifications
Quick connector (push-in)
Automation applications
MA Push-in Fittings
AV  Brass Push-in Fittings High performance
AP “Mix” Push-in Fittings
AD  Push-in Fittings for Critical Applications  
AR Rotary Push-in Fittings  
PN Push-in Fittings, Inch/NPT
PE Easythread Push-in Fittings, “Uni” thread
PT DOT Push-in Fittings, Inch/NPT  
MB Technopolymer Push-in Fittings
MX 316L Stainless Steel Push-in Fittings
PX 316L Stainless Steel Push-in Fittings, Inch/NPT
Quick connector (push-in)
Spray lubrication system
HP High Pressure Push-in Fittings,250 bar
MP Medium Pressure Push-in Fittings,80 bar
PM  Medium Pressure Push-in Fittings, 80bar Inch/NPT  
MM Misting Push-in Fittings, 80 bar Inch/NPT
Rapid joint (lock teeth) MC Brass Nickel-Plated Push-on Fittings
CX 316L Stainless Steel Push-on Fittings
Card sets of joints MO Brass Nickel-Plated Compression Fittings
OX 316L Stainless Steel Compression Fittings
Standard pipe joints teeth RA Brass Nickel-Plated Standard Fittings
PA Brass Nickel-Plated Standard Fittings, NPT
RX 316L Stainless Steel Standard Fittings
Male and female quick connector GU Couplings
PU NPT Couplings
GX 316L Stainless Steel Couplings
PUX 316L Stainless Steel Couplings, NPT  
Male and female quick connector
(With safety devices)
GU Safety Safety Couplings  
PU Safety Safety Couplings, NPT  
GX Safety 316L Stainless Steel Safety Couplings  
Functional fittings Valves MV  Function Fittings
PV INCH/NPT Function Fittings
VX 316L Stainless Steel Function Fittings
PVX 316L Stainless Steel Function Fittings, Inch/NPT