The three characteristics of KaoLu are "Revolutionary innovation", "high quality and stability", and "diverse products and customized". We are the first professional manufacturer of I/P and E/P electro-pneumatic proportional regulator in Taiwan.In order to cater to the advent of the Industry 4.0 era, KaoLu has integrated electronics and pneumatics,and has continuously been developing intelligent pneumatic components. It is the first manufacturer in Taiwan to manufacture electronic proportional pressure regulator, electronicproportional flow control valve, and electronic proportional pinch valves.

In terms of quality control, our core components are all from well-known and stable suppliers, and we perform 100% QC quality control on all incoming goods to ensure high product quality. KaoLu has passed ISO 13485 certification, and all products have passed CE and RoHS certifications. Testing instruments are regularly sent to third-party verification agencies for calibration every year. Such careful quality control is only to provide customers with genuine high-quality products.

If you have customized needs, please feel free to contact us. Software adjustments and mechanical changes can be discussed. Our products are of high quality, and professional customized services and after-sales services are your best choice.

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