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Product Serial:FCS single-action push-type / FCD Double acting
Product Specification
Product Feature
  • FC Series Cylinder basic type, cylinder diameter ψ40 ~ 63mm range.
  • The BF separator cylinder is completely sealed, little air leakage.
  • Low friction, it is possible 0.01Mpa micro-pressure work, no phenomenon in the slow response. Even at low pressure state, but also a smooth work. Also after long stops working smoothly.
  • No need to provide lubrication in the air pipe.
  • BF separator having excellent pressure resistance, the cylinder life is very long.
Product Specification
Action Type The introduction of single-action, double acting
Cylinder diameter 40 ~ 63mm
stroke 8 ~ 78mm
Fluid Clean compressed air (no oil, anhydrous)
Operating pressure range MPa 0.01 to 0.8
Operating temperature range ° C -2 To 60
Mounting Basic, single-ear type

How to order:

Action Type Cylinder diameter Cylinder stroke spring Mounting

FCS Single-action type Release
S0 No spring no symbol Basic
S1 Spring P Single ear
FCD Double acting Double acting cylinder without spring