2022 Economic Daily News - KaoLu's world-leading proportional valve manufacturing technology
KaoLu's world-leading proportional valve manufacturing technology

KaoLu was established in 1980. All of KaoLu's proportional valves are designed and manufactured in Taiwan. KaoLu's products receive utility patents and invention patents in multiple countries. 

Over the past 42 years, with the development of different industries, KaoLu has carefully observed and listened to customers' voices and has continuously designed a variety of customized "Proportional Pressure Regulators", "Proportional Flow Valves" and “Proportional Pinch Valves”.

Proportional Pressure Regulator (also known as electronic air pressure regulator)
From micro pressure control (0.01psi), general pressure control 8-10bar, medium pressure control 20-30bar, to high pressure control 70-100bar. Each pressure range is subdivided into a variety of flow and performance level.

Proportional Flow Control Valve
It features micro-flow control, from 1mL to large flow control of 3000L. It is compatible with air and liquid fluid.

Proportional Pinch Valve
The main advantage of using a pinch valve is that the valve body does not contact with flowing media, so it is more durable anf sterile, in terms of service life.

The main features of KaoLu's proportional valves are: high speed, high pressure and high accuracy. KaoLu strives to provide the most suitable products for each customer.

Proportional valve has gradually replace the manual adjsutment of traditional valves. This change allows the engineer to directly control the pressure of flow of machine through the remote or central room. Also can read the value fed back by the proportional regulator to accurately and real-time monitor the working addition of shop floor machines.

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