KaoLu Electronic Pressure Regulator, Features Comparison

Pressure Regulator common issues:
With a mechanical pressure regulator, the adjusted pressure is commonly not repeatable and it fluctuates with differing air source pressure.

Electronic Pressure Regulator Advantage:
With an electronic regulator, a built-in pressure transducer forms a closed-loop PID circuits with the controlling boards. This achieves a constant outlet pressure and also provides feedback to equipment for monitoring.

Product Features:
With KaoLu’s pressure regulator, we have:
1. Selections of analogue and digital command signal: 0-10V, 4-20mA or RS485 modbus
2. Can be adjusted and monitored from distant away such as from a central control room
3. Long life cycle valves, up to 1 billion times
4. Provides customization to pressure and flow rate range

Comparison chart with other suppliers:

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