2022 Commercial Times - Leader of Proportional Pressure and Flow Control
KaoLu Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established by Chia-Mou Wu in 1980. Since 1980, KaoLu adhering to the concept of "Persist in quality and innovation first", it has developed from an agent to a manufacturer of proportional pressure regulator and proportional flow control valve. Over the past 40 years, with the development of different industries, KaoLu has carefully observed and listened to customers' voices and have continuously designed a variety of customized "Proportional Pressure Regulators", "Proportional Flow Valves" and “Proportional Pinch Valves”, which is the leader in flow and pressure control.

KaoLu’s products are widely used in the industry, such as: laser cutting, plastic/rubber blow molding machines, tension control machines, tire building machines, gas mixing, temperature control equipment, filling equipment, spraying equipment, bioprocessing, food industry, dosing systems, cell extraction, analyzers, laboratory analysis and flushing procedures (CIP and SIP procedure) are all available.

KaoLu’s founder, Chia-Mou Wu said, "As a manufacturer, the most important thing is to have a passion for service and the spirit of solving customers’ problems." With the changes in the manufacturing environment, KaoLu continues to use refined quality and empathetic integrity. KaoLu handles all details and manufacturing of each product seriously, so that each customer can get the products belonging to their own machines. In recent years, KaoLu has gradually introduced its products to the international market, not only planning a multi-dimensional industrial marketing policy, but also designing suitable products for the needs and industrial applications of various countries. The "Proportional Pressure Regulator" designed by KaoLu takes "high speed, high pressure and high precision" as the goal of research and development, the maximum pressure can reach 100bar, the resolution is 0.35%F.S. (0.35 bar). "Proportional Flow Control Valve" focuses on high-resolution, and available with stainless steel body and FFKM seals. "Pinch Valve" products are famous for "the valve body is not in contact with corrosive flowing medium, and it can be more durable and clean in terms of service life or hygiene". A higher level and professionalism, with the transformation of the development trend of the manufacturing industry, in addition to a variety of control signals, the proportional valve manufactured by KaoLu can make the operation of machine more accurate, stable and parameterized in terms of control, adjustment and service life.

With more than 40 years of industrial experience, KaoLu is not afraid of the epidemic, and has moved from an agent to a manufacturer. In the future, it will continue to provide customers with a full range of service support and solutions with stable quality, innovative revolution and unique types of program. For further information, visit https://www.genndih.com