• Ultrasonic Air Bubble Detector
Ultrasonic Air Bubble Detector
Product Serial: AD8/AD9
  • Non-invasive ultrasonic
  • Dry coupled
  • Air detection threshold or bubble size can be set to customer’s requirements.
  • Optional self test safety features
  • Accuracy not affected by fluid or tubing color
  • Output options: CMOS Logic, Open collector, Analog
  • Integrated electronics
  • Compact, free-entry design
  • Redundant safety designs
  • Lower power input (3.3V, 5V)
  • High EMI & RFI noise immunity
  • Wide range of tubing sizes (custom prototypes)

AD8/AD9non-invasive air bubble & air-in-line sensors incorporate the latest ultrasonic technology. Introtek AD8 (for rigid tubing) and AD9 (for soft tubing) sensors incorporate the latest generation of pulse-type ultrasonic circuitry. Integral to the sensor’s assembly, the Micro-Electronic Controller (MEC) features programmable algorithms for functionality control. Response times, time delays and other functions are programmable to specific requirements.

Our patented pulse-type ultrasound provides highly reliable, noninvasive air detection capabilities in critical applications where the safety of a patient or the integrity of a process is essential.