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Product Description

Diaphragm gas cylinder without friction can be converted into a linear thrust. As the product of the rolling diaphragm, a perfect seal, no static friction or leakage of any kind, and therefore its accuracy, repeatability and sensitivity are the traditional sliding seals cylinder unmatched.

Product Feature


Tension roller swing, valves, positioners, cylinders, pumps, expansion chamber, shock absorbers, bumpers, welding drive, drive rollers, heat-driven.


Such cylinders use a diaphragm instead of a regular cylinder piston produces extremely low friction, the moving cylinder can be sensitive to changes in reaction precision pressure regulator.

  • Linear displacement
  • No air leaks
  • And a ball bearing can match

product type:

  • Single acting diaphragm cylinder:
    Only one side of the compressed air into the piston, the cylinder that is only a compressed air inlet, so there is only one side of the pressure thrust, cylinder working stroke in one direction only. Cylinder piston can return to its original position by the spring ﹑ gravity or other external forces. Optional non-spring type when ordering.
  • Double-acting diaphragm cylinder:
    When both sides of the piston alternately compressed air inlet and outlet, its directions are extended and pushes back the pressure thrust, the piston movement in both directions, the movement speed in both directions can be controlled by adjusting the air pressure. On both sides of the piston have an air inlet, when the intake side, the other side as an exhaust port, and vice versa.
  • Super frictionless diaphragm cylinder:
    These products belong to a single-acting cylinder stroke length, its distinctive character is used Thompson "A" grade linear ball bearings, for small pressure changes require precision reaction using the occasion is particularly applicable.
Product Specification

Order Selection:

Single-acting cylinder
Cylinder Model Effective area
(Square inch)
Equivalent to the inner diameter
Starting stretch
Spring force rate
(Lb / inch)
S-4-L US-4-L 4 2.3 1.8 9 4 1.6
S-6-L US-6-L 6 2.8 2.4 9 4 2.3
S-9-S   9 3.4 2.2 17 4 5.3
S-9-L US-9-L 9 3.4 3.0 12 4 4.0
S-12-S   12 3.9 2.3 18 6 8.0
S-12-L US-12-L 12 3.9 3.6 18 6 9.5
S-16-S   16 4.5 2.6 twenty four 8 11.0
S-16-L US-16-L 16 4.5 4.2 twenty four 8 12.0
S-36-S   36 6.8 3.5 54 16 28
Double-acting cylinder
D-4-L   4 2.3 1.3     2.0
D-9-L   9 3.4 2.5     4.5