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High deer is a Taiwan professional ControlAir agents, agents of the United States ControlAir Precision pressure regulator, electro-pneumatic transducer (electro-pneumatic proportional valve). ControlAir precision air regulator series is suitable for high flow and require precise control applications, different specifications of precision regulator characteristics under various operating conditions can guarantee the highest stability control, providing precise operating characteristics.

  • Precision Air Pressure Regulator
  • High Pressure Regulator
  • Precision Vacuum Regulator
  • Miniature Air and Water Pressure Regulator Series
  • Precision Back Pressure Regulator
  • Instrument Air Filter Regulator Series
  • Series Stainless Steel Regulators
  • Volume Boosters & Air Relays
  • I/P, E/P, P/I Transducers
  • Diaphragm cylinder