Steam Control

QKL electronic proportional pressure regulator ( I/P converter) assembly takes feedback from a downstream pressure transducer and closes the loop around pressure for tighter closed-loop control. Since temperature is directly related to the pressure of saturated steam, this assembly will provide tighter control of temperature.

Our proportional pressure regulator is best suited for this application due to its high flow rate, fast response time, and high accuracy. Our regulators are capable of modulating from 2 bar to 65 bar with accuracy of 0.25% FS. (higher pressure range can be customised upon request)

QKL electronic pressure regulator can directly replace:
Proportion Air ( QB3H, QBS, GX, QBX, QPV, QB2 ), Festo ( VPPM, VPPL, VPPE, VEAA, VEAB, VEMD ), SMC (ITV1000, ITV2000, ITV3000), Clippard (Cordis), and ASCO (Sentronic)

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