Gas Blending

Gas blending is a critical process in many semiconductor or industrial application, such as when one needs to regulate the percentage composition of nitrogen and helium gas in a tank. Here we show how to set up a high precision gas blending schemes.

Functions of Proportional Pressure Regulator
Our QKL electronic proportional pressure regulators ( I/P converter) help with gas blending applications that need repeatable pressure control. By controlling the pressure of each specific gas to a tank through a pre-defined orifice, a tailored blend can be achieved. Here two QKL proportional pressure regulator ( I/P converter) are controlling the pressure of two types of media in a gas blending application.

Adding an extra proportional flow control valve
Our proportional pressure regulator can also work in tandem (upstream of) with the proportional flow control valve to stabilise the inlet air pressure, and thus stabilise the flow rate after the flow control valve. Proportional flow control valve acts as variable orifice, whereas proportional pressure regulator regulates and stabilizes the upstream air pressure.

Using proportional pressure regulator to control the flow rate has several benefit: high speed flow rate change, high accuracy, and high resolution. Using our high resolution QKL proportional pressure regulator can achieve turndown ratio up to 1: 500.

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