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An experienced Pneumatic Valve Supplier in Taiwan

Kao Lu Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1980. President Chia-Mou Wu named it in hope of that the operators would have great foresight to build the corporate culture like a giraffe which sees the furthest, steps forward steadily and runs very fast. For these years, Kao Lu has a good reputation among among customers. We would always keep a good and steady pace. We are fully aware to anticipate customer needs, clearly understand the applied technologies of the products, supply the best product performance, and continuously keep innovating in order to survive in such fiercely competitive market. More importantly, customers trust motivates us to keep developing and improving.

We have independently developed a series of general industries products based on customer needs, such as air source treatment units, solenoid valves, check valves, air cylinders and fittings. We import those high-precision or special industries products from Unites States, Italy, and Germany, for example:high-precision regulators, membrane cylinders, remote control regulators, ultrahigh pressure air-drive pumps and electropneumatics proportional valves (United States),and single convolution air spring (Germany). Our main product is pneumatic components.

Our competitive advantage lies in our wide range of products and excellent quality. We have 34 years of experience comprised of excellent employees who made excellent quality products with three characteristics of innovation, stability, and variety. We proudly use our own products; provide excellent products with higher quality but lower price. We believe those are our identity as “Kao Lu”.