Pneumatic Solenoid Valves Manufacturer - Kao Lu
Product Serial:Type 200
Product Description

Outer guide to control, can be very smooth need to obtain extremely accurate in any adjustment position 1: 1 pressure can also be used to obtain the difference between positive and negative biasing of the second pressure system, the minimum output pressure 2psi.

  • Output pressure error 0.1%
  • The maximum difference between the positive and negative biasing of 30 psi
Product Feature
flow 14 scfm (25m3 / hr)
Overflow traffic Higher than the output pressure set point 35Kpa pressure,
Overflow traffic: TYPE 200: 2 scfm (3.4m3 / h) TYPE 200HR; 10 scfm (17.0m3 / hr)
Sensitivity 1/8 "(3.2mm) of water
Maximum supply pressure 1050 kPa
Effect of changes in supply pressure 170 kPa change on the output pressure is less than 0.03kPa
The maximum output pressure 800 kPa
Offset Range ± 30 psig (± 210kPa)
Dental mouth size 1/4 ", 3/8"
Gas consumption 0.15m3 / h
Material Zinc alloy (housing) coated paint

Biasing Control Chart:

Product Specification

Figure Size:

The minimum secondary pressure 2psi, if greater than the negative biasing the guide value, the secondary pressure will remain the lowest 2psi. Conversely, positive pressure biasing the pressure on the guide together, can cause secondary pressure plus the pressure of the pilot pressure biasing positive pressure.

Specification Table:

series model Dental mouth (NPT) Output Range
psi kPa
200 200-BC 1/4 " 2-120 15-800
200 200-CC 3/8 " 2-120 15-800
200HR 210-BC 1/4 " 2-120 15-800
200HR 210-CC 3/8 " 2-120 15-800