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Product Description
  • The three-way vacuum solenoid valves belong to three two vacuum valve with pneumatic pilot valve cone, a normally open or normally closed.
  • Shell body made of aluminum alloy, the junction box is located on the valve body, two synthetic fluorine rubber core mounted on a stainless steel rod, the diaphragm is made of special rubber material, spring for reciprocation of the spool. Internal driving the electromagnetic solenoid pilot valve controls the supply of compressed air.
  • Can significantly reduce internal friction and dynamic stress, making the response speed of the valve fast, long life.
  • There is a button, you can manually switch the solenoid valve solenoid pilot valve, three-way solenoid valve for use in vacuum feeder vacuum barrier, robots, and other development needs to be drawn between the case and the case of the gas quickly switch path.
Product Specification

Technical Parameters:

  • Diameter: 1/4 to 1 "1/2
  • Operating Force: 0.5 ~ 3000mbar abs
  • Control pressure: see catalog
  • The temperature of the working fluid: -5 ~ + 60 ℃