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Product Serial:Type 400
Product Description

Type 400 is a universal regulator, under various operating conditions can provide a reliable and stable performance. The excellent products in the industrial process control applications that is economical and ideal. Type 400 adjusted performance has been proven in many years of application completely superior to competitors' products. Durable material and corrosion structure makes the product under very harsh conditions also can operate reliably, an economic model of precision pressure regulator, displacement and poor sensitivity compared with 100, compared with 100 traffic large, but compared to the general tone pressure regulator valve has a very excellent quality, minimum output starting from zero pressure.

Product Feature
  • Stable output and repeatability: in a variety of changes in the work environment can be continuously meet the control requirements.
  • Corrosion Structure: molded case plus epoxy coated paint
  • Low pressure drop at high flow: suction designed to maintain the set pressure and kept to a minimum pressure drop at high flow rates.
  • High quality: each valve in the factory have been pressure leak and flow test.
  • Low Cost: The valve is economical and ideal for OEM applications.
  • Traffic Flow Capacity (m3 / hr) 33.6
  • Displacement Exhaust Capacity (m3 / hr) 0.17
  • Sensitivity Sensitivity (WC / mm ≒ 0.001 kg / cm2) 25
  • The maximum air pressure (kg / cm2) 17
  • NOTE: 0.01kg / cm² = 1 Kpa, 1WC / mm = 0.001kg / cm2


Type 400 is recommended for pilot instruments and controllers. In the process control equipment, air chuck, air gun, cylinders and actuators.

Product Specification

Technical Parameters:

model TYPE 400
flow 20 SCFM (33 6 m3 / h)
Overflow traffic Higher than the set point 5PSIG pressure, excess flow: 0.1 SCFM (0.17 m3 / hr)
Sensitivity 1 "(2.5mm) of water
Maximum supply pressure 250 PSIG (1750Kpa)
Effect of changes in supply pressure 25PSIG change on the output pressure is less than 2PSIG
Pressure range 0-30PSIG (200 kPa), 0-60 PSIG (400 kPa), 0-120 PSIG (800 kPa)
Process connection size 1/4 "NPT
Gas consumption 6 SCFH (0.17 m3 / hr)

Order Selection:

model Process connection size (NPT) Output Range
psi kPa
400-BD 1/4 " 0-10 0-65
400-BA 1/4 " 0-30 0-200
400-BB 1/4 " 0-60 0-400
400-BC 1/4 " 0-120 0-800