• ISO1 5/2 Way/Double Coil
ISO1 5/2 Way/Double Coil
Product Serial: BE302022(EVP00156)

Model: BE30202 (Double)
The 5/2 solenoid valve can be used in linear motion guide double acting cylinder, the flow rate and with high reliability. You can make the most complex automation becomes more desirable.

  • Easily interchangeable solenoid
  • High Flow
  • Can be mounted on each of the 5599/1 ISO base
Fluid : Filtered air lubricated or lubricated air
Connector (Connections): (2)(4) =1/4"   (1)(3)(5) =3/8"
Traffic : 1200 NI/min (6bar)
Working pressure : 2~10bar
Ambient temperature range : -10~60°C
Body material : Aluminum
Seal Material : HNBR
Explosion levels (including connectors) : IP65 (DIN40050)
Weight (excluding connectors) : 0.390kg