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Product Serial:Type 500
Product Description

Type 500 series electro-pneumatic converter function is to convert current or voltage signal is linearly proportional pneumatic output signal. This versatile instrument is designed to be used in highly stable, high repeatability and cost-control applications. Type 500 is available in two types. Low pressure type for standard process control Typical applications range 20-100KPa. High pressure for high pressure pneumatic and industrial process control systems, the maximum output pressure is 966KPa.

Product Feature
  • The minimum output voltage 3 ~ 15 psi, up to 3 ~ 120 psi
  • Overall built-in amplifier
  • Can change the relative position of I / P or E / P's
  • Easy to adjust the zero point and full range
  • Flow ((m3 / hr): 7.6
  • Linear: the whole range of ± 0.75%
  • Repeatability: full range of ± 0.5%
  • Hysteresis: 1% of full range
  • Sensitivity: the whole range of ± 0.75% per psi of


Type 500 Typical applications for the valve actuator, pneumatic valve positioners, damper and louver actuators, the terminal control equipment, relays, cylinders, screen tensioning device, clutches and brakes. Industrial applications including petrochemical, HVAC HVAC, energy management, textiles, paper, food and medicine.

Product Specification

Technical Parameters:

  Low range output (maximum 200KPa) High range output (maximum 830KPa)
Max / small supply pressure Minimum: greater than the output pressure 21Kpa, maximum: 700KPa Minimum: greater than the output pressure 35Kpa, maximum: 1050KPa
For pressure sensitivity <± 0.15% of full scale / 10KPa <± 0.04% of full scale / 7KPa
Repetitive <0.5% of full scale <0.5% of full scale
Hysteresis <1.0% of span <0.5% of span
delay Dependent on pressure range - typically less than 0.25 sec for 3-15 psig units
flow 7.6m3 / h (175KPa pressure supply) 20.0m3 / hr (700KPa pressure supply) 34.0m3 / hr (1050KPa pressure supply)
Exhaust capacity Above 140Kpa 35Kpa pressure setpoint, displacement 3.4m3 / h Above 140Kpa 69Kp pressure setpoint, displacement 11.9m3 / hr
Maximum air consumption .05 Scfm (.07 m3 / hr) midrange typical .07 Scfm (.14 m3 / hr) midrange typical
Applicable medium Clean oil-free dry air
Operating temperature -20 ° F to + 140 ° F (-30 ° C to 60 ° C)
Dental mouth 1/4 NPT (Pneumatic)
1/2 NPT (Electric)
1/4 NPT (Pneumatic)
1/2 NPT (Electric)
weight 2.1 lbs. (0.94 kg) 2.1 lbs. (0.94 kg

Type 500X I / P Transducers

model enter Output Range Impedance value
psi kPa
500-AA 4-20mA 3-9 20-60 90Ω
500-AB 4-20mA 9-15 60-100 90Ω
500-AC 4-20mA 3-15 20-100 180Ω
500-AD 4-20mA 3-27 20-185 220Ω
500-AE 4-20mA 6-30 40-200 220Ω
500-AF 4-20mA 1-17 7-117 250Ω
500-BC 10-50mA 3-15 20-100 70Ω
500-BD 10-50mA 3-27 20-185 85Ω
500-BE 10-50mA 6-30 40-200 85Ω
500-AG 4-20mA 2-60 14-420 225Ω
500-AH 4-20mA 3-120 20-830 260Ω
500-BF 0-60mA 2-120 15-830 220Ω

Type 500X E / P Transducer

model enter Output Range Impedance value
psi kPa
500-CC 0-5V 3-15 20-100 615Ω
500-CD 0-5V 3-27 20-185 530Ω
500-CE 0-5V 6-30 40-200 530Ω
500-DC 1-9V 3-15 20-100 985Ω
500-DD 1-9V 3-27 20-185 840Ω
500-DE 1-9V 6-30 40-200 840Ω
500-CF 0-5V 2-60 14-420 500Ω
500-EH 0-10V 3-120 20-830 805Ω

500X electro-pneumatic converter (electro-pneumatic proportional valve) Caution

  • The best use of compressed air through the filter to remove impurities in the air and water, it is recommended to use the preceding freeze-drying machine through grade 5μ filter process.
  • ZERO adjustment screw assembly is done in the role of zero pressure correction Please do not mobilize, if you want to adjust in the technical staff under the guidance of the job, or is likely to cause damage to the movable coil and nozzles. ZERO adjustment principle in factory setting, counterclockwise rotation is to make the zero pressure rises clockwise so that the zero pressure drop, do not adjust more than twice.
  • SPAN adjustment screw to adjust the role is to use the full range of pressure, turn counterclockwise to narrow pressure range, clockwise to increase the pressure range is adjusted Do not exceed two turns.

** ZERO and SPAN two adjustment screws, such as when the necessary adjustments, under the guidance of the relevant skill jobs, do not self-adjusting components and cause damage.