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Product Serial:Type 550X
Product Description

Precision Type 550X series of electrical converter function is to convert current or voltage signal is linearly proportional pneumatic output signal. It shell compact, easy to install and easy to adjust, in a narrow space use application ideal occasions. Type 550X This economical type instrument provides precise air pressure regulator for the implementing agencies, valves, positioners and other terminal control devices. Built-in volume Enlargement Device provides high flow performance, increase the speed control in demanding applications. Choose a variety of wiring and interface simplifies installation and reduces installation time. In addition to standard Wall, nirvana or pipe mounted installation, can also choose to DIN rail and manifold components. Type-925 multi-purpose container member can provide a common interface and a source of compressed air for the individual shut-off valve is 3,5,10,15 Taiwan TYPE 550.

Product Feature
  Standard Zero pressure output type
Air consumption About 1.8 scfh (0.05m3 / hr) 6.0 scfh
The pressure 0.3 ~ 6.9 bar (3 ~ 5, 3 ~ 27 psig)
0.3 ~ 10 bar (2 ~ 60, 3 ~ 120 psig)
0.3 ~ 6.9 bar (0 ~ 30, 0 ~ 60 psig)
0.3 ~ 10 bar (0 ~ 120 psig)
Flow Meter At 1.7 bar, 4.5 scfm (7.7 m3 / hr)
At 6.9 bar, 12 scfm (20 m3 / hr)
At 10 bar, 20scfm (34 m3 / hr)
At 6.9 bar, 12 scfm (20 m3 / hr)
At 10 bar, 20scfm (34 m3 / hr)
Temperature -30 ℃ ~ 65 ℃ -30 ℃ ~ 65 ℃
Linear Full range of <± 0.5% <± 1.5% of span
Hysteresis and repeatability can <0.5% of span <1.0% of span
Sensitivity Full use of every psi of <0.1% <0.02% of span
Product Specification

Specification Table:

550X electro-pneumatic converter (electro-pneumatic proportional valve) Caution

  • The best use of compressed air through the filter to remove impurities in the air and water, it is recommended to use the preceding freeze-drying machine through grade 5μ filter process.
  • ZERO adjustment screw assembly is done in the role of zero pressure correction Please do not mobilize, if you want to adjust in the technical staff under the guidance of the job, or is likely to cause damage to the movable coil and nozzles. ZERO adjustment principle in factory setting, counterclockwise rotation is to make the zero pressure rises clockwise so that the zero pressure drop, do not adjust more than twice.
  • SPAN adjustment screw to adjust the role is to use the full range of pressure, turn counterclockwise to narrow pressure range, clockwise to increase the pressure range is adjusted Do not exceed two turns.

** ZERO and SPAN two adjustment screws, such as when the necessary adjustments, under the guidance of the relevant skill jobs, do not self-adjusting components and cause damage.