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Product Description

Type 950XP Explosion-proof I / P converter electrical empty exquisite appearance, excellent performance, reliable operation for the highest level of explosion-proof requirements of the occasion. The electro-pneumatic converter capable of a current signal into a stable output signal corresponding to the pressure for driving execution. NEMA4X enclosure design doubling its explosion-proof function: + intrinsic safety explosion-proof. Advanced circuit design ensures super-shock and high-precision output. Gas flow rates up to 20m3 / hr, can directly promote large valves and actuators. The product is particularly economical, air consumption only 0.11m3 / h, which is particularly important in the natural gas industry applications. Optional field adjustable output range, which can effectively reduce downtime and spare parts stock types.

Product Feature

Type 950XP product installation location no special requirements can be easily and freely installed in combination with valve and instrument connections. The advantage of this flexibility so that installation is very fast. Easy adjustment of zero and full scale make it either in the bench or in the field calibrations are quick and easy.

enter 4 ~ 20mA
Export 20 ~ 100KPa; 20 ~ 185Kpa; 40 ~ 200KPa
Supply pressure Maximum: 100psig (7.0BAR) Minimum: greater than the output pressure 5psig
Air consumption 0.11m3 / h
flow 7.6m3 / h (25psig pressure supply); 20.0m3 / hr (100psig pressure supply)
Applicable medium Pure air and natural gas
Operating temperature -40 ℃ ~ + 71 ℃
Operating mode Proportional output, inversely proportional output, output range segmentation
Dental mouth Electrical: 1/2 "NPT; air connections: 1/4" NPT
Material Chrome aluminum epoxy coating applied
Product Specification

Specification Table:

model specification Explanation
TYPE 950 950  
input signal   A   4 ~ 20mA
Pressure range   C 3 ~ 15 psig (20 ~ 100KPa)
D 3 ~ 27 psig (20 ~ 185KPa)
E 6 ~ 30 psig (40 ~ 200KPa)