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Product Description
PM-120 provides FC-120 with the required power and control signal (step and direction). It controls the step of a bipolar stepper motor with an analogue signal (1-10 Vdc/4-20mA).

FC-120 Utilizing the industry’s most robust and powerful linear actuator, the high-flow stepper-controlled proportional valve outperforms the competition in performance and durability. This valve is ideal in critical applications such as gas delivery, medical, analytical, and industrial automation requiring high resolution, high flow, and low hysteresis. In addition, the unique design allows for custom flow profiles when required.

Potential Applications:
• Medical/Analytical/Industrial Gas Mixing
• Anesthesia Equipment
• Precision Flow Control
• Cuff/Bladder Pressure Control
• Process Flow Control
• Variable Speed Control
• Automation of Needle Valve
Product Specification


Input signal
DC0-10V / 4-20mA
Supply pressure max
5 kg/cm2
DC24V (≦5W)
±0.5% F.S.
±0.1% F.S.
Command Resolution
0.1 mA / 0.03 V
Flow rate
120 l/min @ 3kg/cm2
Temp. Range(Operating)



Valve Type
2-Way Proportional Needle valves
square body with 1/8”PT ports
Typical Cycle Time for Full Travel
0.8 seconds at 100% duty cycle;
0.2 seconds at 25% duty cycle
(full open to full close or full close to full open)
Compatible gases and liquids
Wetted Material
Chromium - plated brass and FKM*
Pressure Range
Vac to 5 kg/cm2 (Vac to 5 bar)*
Flow Range
0~130 l/min @ 3 kg/cm2
Flow Resolution
0.52 slpm /step
Position Resolution
0.036 mm/step
Temperature Range
32 to 184°F (0 to 84°C)
Bipolar chopper drive required
Supply Voltage to Motor
Response Time
0.8 sec. fully-open to fully-closed*
In-line, manifold or cartridge
Power Consumption
3.85 watts nominal only during adjustment.
Zero power consumption to maintain position.
FKM standard. Others available.