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Product Description
ELSA PPSU material made quick connectors, mainly used in the food sector, especially in temperatures up to 140 ℃ of liquid (such as: water, coffee, steam ... etc). FKM seals meet FDA standards, and also provides compliance with FDA and KTW approved EPDM seals.
Quick connectors made by the high-tech plastics used in many fields, it can be a low-cost alternative to stainless steel quick connector.
Product Feature
• connecting tube diameter φ4, φ6, φ8
• Connecting thread M5, G1 / 8 ~ G3 / 8
• Material AISI 316L Thread
• thread attached O-ring seal
• Operating pressure PN 20 (depending on temperature)
• Temperature range 0 ° C ~ 140 ° C
• FDA-approved parts
• KTW certification
• NSF certification