• Type 90 Precision Regulator
Type 90 Precision Regulator
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  • High resolution adjustment of set pressure
  • Precision Control Highly accurate air pressure regulation in a small package
  • Pressure ranges up to 120 psig (8 BAR)
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Available in NPT and BSP porting
  • Two gauge ports and reversible bracket allow front or back mounting

The Type 90 is a miniature precision air pressure regulator. This pressure regulator provides the highest level of regulation accuracy and repeatability available in a compact, lightweight housing.
A force balanced pilot control maintains output pressure to within 0.05 psig (3.44 millibar) with minimal drift over time. The Type 90 is ideal for applications that require exact pressure control and substantial flow capacity under variable operating conditions and limited space.

TYPE Process connection size
Output Range
90 1/8" 0.7-30(0.05-2) TYPE 90-AA TYPE 90-UA
1.4-60(0.1-4) TYPE 90-AB TYPE 90-UB
1.4-120(0.1-8) TYPE 90-AC TYPE 90-UC
Manifold 0.7-30(0.05-2) TYPE 90-XA -
1.4-60(0.1-4.0) TYPE 90-XB -
1.4-120(0.4-8) TYPE 90-XC -