German horse brand is the world's first air spring rubber industry not once in the tire and rubber, all rubber material comes from French production deployment, and full gas wall material are for stress test, over the use of his brand of life and stability.
  • When used as a cylinder, is small; when the machine is especially suitable mounting space is limited.
  • With a 30 ° tilt function, so that a simplified machine structure and reduce costs.
  • For vibration isolation, high efficiency, up to 90%.
  • When the cylinder can be used for lifting, pinching, pressing.
  • Can be used as foot shock, shock absorbers make the machine.



Cooperation with the cylinder and the gas spring elastic package flap Water drained water of the workpiece Shock-absorbing heavy machinery
Cylinder instead of a small space hostage Wheel brake, stopping the flow so that the object Shock device precision machinery equipment


C series fixed connection D Series detachable connection R Series Wheel snap ring connection S Series Plastic Connectors